/ Interior Designer

It was no accident that Jorge Cañete, a Swiss of Catalan and Andalusian origin, chose to devote his life to interior architecture and design. After a career in luxury products (with Ungaro, Bvlgari, Mugler et Azzaro), which honed his sense for beautiful objects, and completion of an MBA in Lausanne, he opted to express his creativity in three-dimensional form through work in interior design.

He gained his diploma in Interior Design from London Metropolitan University. Thereafter, a series of projects in the offices of architects in Rome and in Geneva served as a springboard and impetus for him to found his own design studio in Switzerland, more than 10 years ago: INTERIOR DESIGN PHILOSOPHY.

In 2014, he was awarded Best International Designer of the Year by ANDREW MARTIN, known as “the Oscars of the Interior Design world”.

Featured for 11 years in a row in the book “Interior Design Review, the definitive guide to the world’s Top 100 designers” by Andrew Martin.

This interior architect is distinguished by a style that seeks to surprise. His signature, between memory and modernity, yields a mysterious and sensual alchemy in which raw and sophisticated elements communicate with one another as if by magic.

Each project always tries to tell a story in a poetic way…

Prestigious firms and an important private clientele have asked him to decorate their universe according to his characteristic philosophy of building a poetic vision of the world to give material expression to emotion that stems from within.

Jorge Cañete’s working method involves very careful analysis of each parameter – the environment in which the project is set, the feeling inherent in the location and, of course, the client’s own personality. By combining these three sources of inspiration he is able each time to come up with a project that accurately fulfils the requirements of his very demanding clientele, who seek an emotional yet at the same time practical inner substance.