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Vertical Courtyard - Mahjong Institute

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Institutional
Entry Description

The design motivation is to adaptively re-use one of the historical building in Hong Kong.One hand the proposal aims for promoting the Chinese traditional game - Mahjong as education tool/program for the young age of people. Showing the wisdom and positive image of Chinese to pubic. On the other hand, providing a landscape circulation which is public accessible, form the street to the interior space of the building . It allows public to experience the Chinese vertical garden naturally in a urban density. The staircase and landscape wall were integrated in vertical garden. Staircase as a landscape for meeting (seating are available to provide on the design) which is accessible and efficient for different levels. The idea is trying to integrate the public, natural and communication elements to the vertical volume. Stair is not only as stair but also as a space for public relaxing, meeting and communicating.