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CompanyL I N X
Lead DesignersMikael Bäckström
ClientMikael Bäckström
Prize(s)Bronze in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
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Entry Description

Dangerous microorganisms are transmitted by the hands. This
makes hand hygiene, through hand washes or hand sanitizers,
critical to public health. Linx asked, "How can we use design to
inspire individuals and groups of individuals to participate in
hand hygiene?" The answer is a combination of behavioral
drivers with ergonomics that inspires engagement at the
source of hygiene practice. Designed to increase hand hygiene
compliance in commercial and public spaces, the Stealth hand
hygiene dispenser makes it easier to improve hand hygiene

A multi-disciplinary study brought us to the conclusion that
end-users need a hand hygiene dispenser that can endure
forces of a fast-paced environment, for example, hospitals. As
a response, we employed durable housing and a dispensing
lever that can be actuated from 180 degrees. Additionally, we
integrated a customizable messaging system that end-users
can tailor to employ language and images specific to their
environment. Ultimately, the pairing of a Stealth hand hygiene
dispenser with the messaging system inspires end-users to
develop a hand hygiene culture. To meet the needs of another
group of end-users included in our study, custodial staff, Linx
integrated anti-vandalism engineering, anti-leak safety
precautions, an optional locking hinge, a large window to
check fluid levels, and a simplified bag loading mechanism.