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EF + Q

CompanyEzequiel Farca
Lead Designers
ClientEzequiel Farca
Prize(s)Silver in Home Interior Products / Kitchen Furniture
Entry Description

The EF + Q envisions the kitchen as a gathering place,
where the interplay of materials across spatial elements
promotes dialogue and visual communication.

The contrast between geometric precision and organic
forms connects modern design with everyday life. The
purity and sensual beauty of wood meets the clean,
reflective marble surfaces, marrying the calming side of
minimalist design with the hospitality and warmth of wood.
In the inviting Author Kitchen, time is the greatest luxury.

The activities presented by these geometries are not lineal,
so the function requires a large and clear enough space to
make the most of the kitchen’s dynamic forms. The
composition addresses the kitchen’s primary and secondary
functions, with beautiful restraint in its design execution.