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UniversityIran University of Science and Technology
Lead DesignersAminpour, Dezhagah, Payami, Farsian
Design TeamBehnam Aminpour, Sina Dezhagah, Seyedeh Moojan Payami, Farmehr Farsian
Credits'Advisor: Dr. Armita Seraj Zahedi
Prize(s)Gold in Education / Behavioral correction tools, Bronze in Design For Society / Design for Public Awareness
Entry Description

Water Crisis.
Education is the collective solution to the global disaster, which aims to correct unsustainable habits.
Nawaity includes three components: products for children, bands for parents, and an app. Installing these bands around your house will allow them to track your water usage through vibrations and transmit the data to the app and product. Since the product reacts based on the data it receives, it will affect children emotionally. This application permits families to track their water usage and discover how to conserve water, contributing to a more sustainable society.