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YTL Headquarters

CompanyMinistry of Design Pte Ltd
Lead DesignersColin Seah
Design TeamJoyce, Ruth, Kevin, Damien, Namrata, Fai, Justin, Zhang Hang, Maggie, Kaye, Richard, Rais, Tasminah, Azilawati, Faiz.
Project LocationKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
ClientYTL Corporation Berhad
CreditsPhotos by: David Yeow Photography
Prize(s)Silver in Interior Design / Office and Service center
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Entry Description

The 1st challenge was to provide a unifying presence and identity for YTL’s individualistic 1200 staff. The 2nd was to enhance the majestic 25m vertically cavernous lobby, yet provide human scale.

Our solution to both, was to play with proportions, lighting and a restrained palette. Moving from a Grand scale in Lobby (mitigating it with shifting marble patterns to form ascending lightness) to an Intimate scale in L8-10, we unified using a bronze-accented material palette across the floors, eg. the cloudlike art installation (also visually reduces ceiling height), and bronze spiral staircase.


Question, Disturb and Redefine!
Through a series of architectural & interior architectural explorations, Ministry of Design is positioned as an integrated spatial-design practice that consciously blurs prevalent intellectual & literal boundaries between interior space & exterior form. Acknowledging the limitations of these distinctions on our design process, Ministry of Design's explorations are created amidst a democratic "studio-like" atmosphere and progress seamlessly between form, site, object and space.