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“Let Parents Stay” Anti-poverty Social Design

UniversityHubei University of Technology
Lead DesignersYu Chen
Design TeamXin Wang, Yongshan Zhu, Die Hu, Robin Liu, Shan Li, Yi Gu, Meng Zhu, Sailan Ding
Prize(s)Bronze in Other Graphic Designs / Other Graphic designs
Entry Description

Jinling Village is a poverty-stricken village with More than 2,000 “left-behind” children. When I got there, I was surprised to find that all the local people had mastered certain Han Embroidery skills, but their product not sell well because of the old fashion style. So I worked with the Hubei Han Embroidery Association to help revive the local Han Embroidery culture.

In addition to two years of commercial operations, I have recently created a modern typeface, on a trial basis, by extracting the transitional elements in Han Embroidery to pass down the craft in a modern language practically.