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CompanyBANANA inc.
Lead DesignersTakafumi Miki
Design TeamTomoki Mitsuhashi
CreditsPhoto by Kyoko Munakata
Prize(s)Silver in Print / Calendars
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Entry Description

IROZUKI is a calendar which is changing the color every month and having the enjoyable mood like an interior. As the seconds tick away and every season’s transition, the calendar lives with you through the year.
You can enjoy the different colors every month after bringing a piece of the calendar to the back. 6 months later, another color combinations will appear for you.
We could make this changing point by using only 6 papers for 12 months.
We wish every one of your lives turns colorful.


BANANA inc. is a Branding design studio in East Tokyo, founded by Takafumi Miki.
He is an independent Art Director / Designer combining geometric graphic design elements with a playful concept, insightful idea, and discovery new story to create utterly unique creatives.

Awards and Prize

International Design Awards 2021: Gold, Bronze
International Design Awards 2020: Silver
A’ Design Award 2020: Bronze
A’ Design Award 2020: Iron