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Peppermint Club

Lead DesignersJohn Sofio
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Renovation
Entry Description

Step into the comfort of a record executive's private listening room, surrounded by soft, lush materials, luxury furniture, and high end finishes. The cozy 2,000 square foot space is layered with forms, shapes, and textures that fill the room and exude an air of exclusivity. Custom colors including Peppermint Plum burgundy, Peppermint Blueberry blue, and Peppermint Sky blue give the space pops of color, juxtaposed with the dark elegant shades. The cork ceiling and vertically layered dug fir finishes- harvested from a 1956 building on the Sunset Strip- are reminiscent of a classic sound studio and serve to complement the acoustic excellence of the space. The bar, banquettes, and seating all serve as a kind of home style furniture in their design and shape, further bringing you into a familiar setting.