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The Center of Abundant Journey

Lead Designers
ClientAnne Bauer
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / New Commercial Building
Entry Description

The Center of Abundant Journey in the Art of Martial
Arts was completed in a focused Graduate
collaborative design studio with a partnered diversified
elective in the Graduate Animation Department.
Specifically, the Center of Abundant Journey focuses
on the implementation of a Shaolin Martial Arts
Teaching Center specializing in Kung Fu and Tai Chi
that includes short term and long term training and
housing for its students. Located in the Henan
Province of China where the first methods of Shaolin
Kung Fu were taught at the Shaolin Temple, there is a
heavy presence of the Shaolin Culture immediately
surrounding the site. The campus itself offers proper
teaching, meditation, training, lecture, and housing
facilities for the students, while some of those entities
are also open to the public. Through the partnered
animation elective, energy and movement of the
human body played a role in the design of this