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Jinhai Lake Tourism Center

Lead Designers
ClientJing Miao
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / New Commercial Building
Entry Description

In a soft touch to the peak of the landscape, this
project is a proposal for an eco-tourism and
information center. The project is located in the
vicinity of Beijing, china at Jinhai lake. More than thirty
new projects are introduced to the public in 2016
under the master plan for the Jinhai Lake area.

The project is inspired by Chinese wash painting and
translates that language form into modern
architecture. Building shapes flow like the general
composition of wash paintings flow with respect to
nature. Wash painting describes the relationship
between natural mountains and rivers to give a certain
order to convey the sense of nature. Similarly, the
connection between mountain and river inspired the
building layout and footprint. The building mass is
well nestled within the steep landscape to provide less
disruption, yet make a strong visual impact.