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Montforthaus Feldkirch – Signage Design

Lead DesignersSigi Ramoser
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Signs, Exhibits and POP Displays
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Entry Description

The Montforthaus is a culture and convention center in Feldkirch, Austria. By its multifunctional capabilities it offers an ideal setting for a wide variety of events.
The rounded shapes of the building are reflected in the specially revised typography that gives the house a strong identity by its uncial style. The markings for halls and facilities are cut from smoked pear wood and applied directly to the walls.
The tarnish prevention on glass surfaces reflects the diverse program taking place in the Montforthaus and its role for the citizens. Construction site noise, orchestral concerts, lectures and noise from the environment serve as raw material for computer generated graphics visualizing these sounds.
Looking back to the start of construction, a site fence was installed which attracted the attention of passing pedestrians. A row of porthole windows had offered a look at what passed by and the emergence of something new behind.