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ResQ Temporary Rescue Unit

Lead DesignersIsrael Lara
Prize(s)Gold in Industrial And Life Science Design / Safety Designs
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Entry Description

LIFEPOD RESQ TRU :It is distinguished as an innovative security proposal. It offers current technology that facilitates their location and provide greater security in minimum space. The project makes inroads on solutions to everyday problems such as natural disasters around the world, designed from the global parameters of rescuing people in different circumstances. The shape resembles to a capsule which in addition to distribute the impacts, has a found reinforcement, similar to an assembly that will prevent the concentration of the impact on a single point.

Investigating the processes of rescue we facilitate the task of being found with different implementations regardless of weather situations, places and distances.

Able to adapt to two positions depending on the strength of the outside sinister, padded to avoid injuries.

INSPIRATION: It is due to the frustration and inability of people who lost relatives by some catastrophe.