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Desk and bookshelves

Lead DesignersRoger Nazarian
Prize(s)Silver in Office Equipment / Furnishings/Modules
Entry Description

The product is a piece of furniture and a system suitable to display, work and store, indoor and outdoor, using only one constituent, laser-cut and bent metal sheets (steel, corten, aluminum), of 2 and 5 mm thick.

The metal sheets fit one inside the other, as a modernized “mortise-and-tenon joint”, and form a discrete freestanding structure resistant and stable.

This technique makes the best use of a recyclable raw material, creating a sustainable and smooth manufacturing process: no scrap or wasted components are generated, no glue, no screw, no welding are used.

As for the user, the furniture is easy to handle: no tool or mounting accessories facilitates assembly and disassembly, no special maintenance (anti corrosion treatment) is needed, and, when in aluminum, the furniture is light.

The system allows versatility and flexibility through dimension, finishing and accessory: up to 240 cm height and to 400 cm width, numerous depths, at least 213 RAL colors (matt and glossy), several raw metal finishes and various fixtures such as drawers, cupboards, and semi shelves. Configurations are endless.

Concerning the aesthetic quality, the lines are refined; the volume is neat. Everything is structural: the design sobriety enhances the furniture functionality. In a way, this furniture is a design challenge intending to combine visual lightness and material strength and aiming to draw attention to the content rather than the container.

Product submitted: Combination between
1° Column 40x200x35 cm
• 1 beveled column U shape 40x200x35
• 6 shelves 40x35
2° Desk 180x120x35 cm
• 2 columns U shape 40x120x35
• 2 shelves 120x35
• 1 shelf U shape 120x35

Polished aluminum and beveled cut bring life to the design thanks to the mirror reflections and the full and empty spaces pattern.

Simplicity, functionality and modularity are the key words from the first sketch to the end product.