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CompanyPAX Labs, Inc.
Lead Designers
ClientJames Monsees
Prize(s)Gold in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
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Entry Description

JUUL is an intelligently engineered, satisfying vapor
experience. JUUL’s patented juice formula delivers a
revolutionary nicotine experience akin to a cigarette to
meet the standards of smokers, with a liquid-to-wick
cartridge system that enables consistent, flavorful vapor.
Featuring new, integrated technology and chemistry,
JUUL provides three times more vapor than competitor
vapor products. The indicator light gently communicates
battery life. Our patented technologies make a much
more efficient, effective device, while our e-juice formula
provides best-in-class vapor quality. JUUL has a
smoother delivery and even better nicotine satisfaction.
It regulates the temperature with real-time measurement
to deliver the right amount of power with every puff, and
Juul knows when the pod is empty so you don’t have to.
JUUL’s sophisticated design takes care of every detail so
the user can simply enjoy the experience: merely insert
JUUL pod and draw.

We researched the chemical differences between
cigarettes and e-cigs and determined that by retaining 1
ingredient found in tobacco the nicotine effect an e-cig
delivers is increased. Clinical studies with adult smokers
comparing our formula with the typical e-cig formula
and cigarettes showed JUUL’s blood nicotine is similar to
cigarettes, with superior satisfaction to typical e-cigs.
JUUL is the 1st e-cig to deliver nicotine like a cigarette,
with game-changing chemistry in an elegant product.