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Restaurant RAW

Lead DesignersCamiel Weijenberg
Prize(s)Silver in Interior Design / Commercial
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Entry Description

RAW, The conversation with Chef André Chiang to design a new restaurant in Taipei started in late 2013. It quickly became clear that, inspired by chef André’s gastronomic vivid imagination and designed by WEIJENBERG, both were on a track to design restaurant that would reflect the visceral and primitive nature of its namesake.
The restaurant design is synonym to telling a story or an adventure, parallel to how chef André’s food can be experienced. From the bustling streets of Taipei into the restaurant, diners step across a wooden path into a tranquil space welcomed by a lounge area which forms a gentle transition from the city. The soft angled, organically sculptured wooden seat structure provides an ideal setting to sit and enjoy a drink and guides customers into the restaurant. As guests enter the main space, the centralized dining area is surrounded by the wooden structure that started by the entrance. The wooden structure is the centrepiece of RAW, deliberately placed after examining the settings and dimensions, which is complemented by an interior that diners experience in stages or layers.
Customers can sit at specially designed tables with custom drawers, from an intimate two seat table to small groups in the semi private area towards the rear. Inside the restaurant each table has its own light creating a stage displaying the food, drawing the customers closer to the table and each other. The design is to support the work and creations of the Chef giving the customers a special experience unique to Chef André.