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The HKMA Information Centre

Lead DesignersKelvin Mui
Prize(s)Silver in Interior Design / Institutional
Entry Description

The concept design for the refurbishment of the Information Center of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority on the 55th floor at the International Finance Center was to create a museum experience for its visitors. It is situated at a space that has an unobstructed 180 degrees view of the Hong Kong skyline, reflecting the historical currency development that the information center holds.

As the information center is often visited by government officials and used for filming, it was important that appropriate lux levels and even distribution of lighting were installed. Light studies were heavily executed to ensure the resulting effect. Since there are artifacts and historical photographs on display, the approach was to focus on the items and highlight their presence. As a result the use of architectural lighting by Erco, was selected to create the result that was sought for. In combination with the dark rich tones chosen for the color palette, displays were area-lit to create a highlight effect. General areas are dimmed for a stronger contrasting effect. Also the play of solid and patterned carpet applied at the general areas and under the displays was used to enhance this.

Perhaps the most prominent feature is the elliptical reception counter that has a curved glass display that accentuates the shape. The smooth curve shape of the custom counter was chosen to emphasize a more welcoming language to visitors, while still being practical and housing the staff equipment behind it.