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Diamond Ball.Room - O2 World Berlin

Lead DesignersPeter Joehnk & Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Renovation
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Entry Description

With subtle allusions to the clandestine allure of an exclusive members’ club in the “roaring twenties”, JOI-Design’s concept for the Diamond Ball.Room, a glamorous new VIP lounge at the O2 World Berlin, evokes the dazzle promised by its name. Four compact private stadium boxes were merged to create a tony entertainment hub for as many as 72 guests to experience live events.
Warm hues of gold, platinum, cognac and ebony create a handsome, clubby feel. When overhead illumination levels are lowered at night, high-contrast lighting accents amplify the drama and excitement, turning the space into an ideal spot for an after-show party.
The Diamond Ball.Room can be used as one generously proportioned single space or for smaller events it can be divided into two distinct places with their own entrances. The halves – dubbed “Vodka” and “Champagne” – feature different design elements which form individual identities for each area yet also harmonise for when they are joined together. Angular design features are present throughout in homage to the faceted diamond. In the Vodka side, shimmering silver highlights and clean, angular lines suggests the cuboid shape of ice cubes as they “clink” in a cocktail glass, while in the Champagne side, iridescent golden accents, glittering lights and soft curved forms recall the tingling effervescence of sipping bubbly.
The Vodka section is characterised by its strong geometric forms. Suspended over the dark timber counter are modern pendant lights whose bent metallic wire frames transform them into glowing asymmetrical sculptures.
The Champagne space presents a different take on smart luxury. Over the bar counter, a cluster of pendant lights made from cut crystal flasks cast shimmering glints of light.
JOI-Design has shaped a sophisticated atmosphere from which VIPs may enjoy a relaxed visit to the O2 World Berlin.