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CompanyOne Plus Partnership (Hong Kong) Limited
Lead DesignersAjax Law Ling Kit
ClientAjax Law
Prize(s)Silver in Interior Design / Commercial
Entry Description

Designers of this cinema bestow the movie-goers with the
granting of a dream comes true – a vivid simulation of an
on-site shooting spot.
Appoint setting foot on cinema, bright spotlights in
ticketing office area welcome movie-goers by engaging
their hypersensitivities.
Lazy tongs of different lengths hang from ceilings like
chandeliers. LCD screens and spotlights are attached to
other end, displaying latest trailers and cast shadows on
surrounding walls. Such combinations of dark and metal
materials portray sense of mechanization, resembling
masculine attire and industrial rough-hewn. Passing
through hallway, single-stand spotlights of various
heights locate themselves scarcely across perimeter, as if
they have a mind of their own. Light and shadows are
being casted on cement walls. Signage gets illuminated
by spotlights, the characters fabricate themselves,
procreating a 3D-alike hallucination. With the minimal
exertion of decorative items, design of this cinema
remains raw yet mod.