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Lead DesignersLauren Pilgreen and Fiona Barnes
Prize(s)Emerging FASHION DESIGNER of Year
Entry Description

The collection grew from ideas surrounding obsolescence. It is the idea that if you stay in one place long enough, you begin to grow into your surroundings and lose the sense of purpose. You sit back and let your life take control of you as it pulls you in, sucking you into the walls. You become your furniture and your existence is erased. All that remains are the stains and remnants from a routine.
We were initially inspired by photographers Daido Moriyama and Nobuyoshi Araki and the skeletal clothing in the Capuchin Monasteries. Restraint, decay, rope tying, gathering, knotting and the movement of hair in water inspired us visually. We explored different dip-dying and spraying out techniques on synthetic and natural fabrics to create watermarks and light tie dye effects, using the para-cord rope for tying. The rope and knotting reflects the movements and marks left after water has been present.
Every garment should have uniqueness as every object or person does; the history and life they have lived is ingrained in its physical form. We all, in effect, leave traces behind from a life lived.