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The Student Center

Lead DesignersChristine Barbour
Prize(s)Silver in Interior Design / Institutional
Entry Description

This highly respected University wanted to take advantage of common space in their student center to promote learning, collaboration and a sense of community. What was once a corridor full of mismatched sofas, area rugs and chairs provided great opportunity to serve the needs of the student body yet needed to thoughtfully reconsidered. Our design team decided to take a look at both learning environments and corporate environments that have embraced a the culture of mobility.
Taking all these things into consideration we incorporated color into an otherwise neutral building - something to stimulate excitement and energy. We included products that were wired to give students a place to recharge and work. Flexibility in seating styles serve the single student to large groups. Table heights vary from side tables to bar height tables to accommodate a variety of needs. Large circular pods around the perimeter of the space are landing spots that have become a favorite of the students.
This project was for furnishings and elements only. No building finishes were changed during the course of this project.