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Riqualificazione del parcheggio multipiano a San Salvo

CompanyStudio Ops! Cingoli/Manigrasso with ZO_loft architecture and design
Lead Designers
ClientAndrea Cingoli
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Renovation
Entry Description

The project proposes a first action to regenerate crafts and
to increase the identity of the city of San Salvo. An old
abandoned car parking from the '70s, in a clear state of
decay, becomes a meeting place, complex infrastructure and
new gateway to the city, offering a more organic system of
internal and external public spaces, recconnecting different
mobility flows. The new 'suspended square' reduces the
visual impact and the cars noise as also it allows to keep the
large park and ride at the ground level. The old green area
on the west side is turned into a new multilayered park,
providing better comfort and microclimatic environment.
Saving and production of energy are ensured by a passive
system added inside the tertiary activities volume, while an
active system is placed in the top of it.