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CompanyZO-loft architecture & design
Lead Designers
ClientAndrea Cingoli
Prize(s)Gold in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture
Entry Description

Arms folded and cheek pressed on the keys. Sooner or later,
at home or at work, we all end up by falling asleep on our
computer’s keyboard. Turning the archetypal image of a
keyboard, into a sofa bed, QWERTY is proposed to hold you
on its soft “keys” on evenings while working in the office or
at home on a rainy afternoons spentwatching the home
video, bringing a pinch of irony in our daily life. Anyway
QWERTY is much more than a sofa bed. Thanks to micro
electric motors controlled by a remote control, every single
key/cushion is adjustable in height to give total freedom to
the full available surface. In this way, the furniture becomes
a playful carpet, a comfortable support but an
unconventional surface, to let the users to be able to design
new configurations useful for everyday life, and to be happy
to finally sleep on their keyboard.