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Maritsa River Arts and Cultural Center

Lead DesignersDenitsa Knyazhevich
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / New Commercial Building
Entry Description

“Water is the driving force in the nature” Leonardo da Vinci said.
But there are still places in the world where water is neglected. Bulgaria is one of these countries where rivers are perceived as an obstacle. Because of their poor maintenance often we are witnessing a flooding and destruction. This in turn makes people afraid of rivers and lakes and example of this is the shift of cities away from them.
This is the reason I choose to design a building that meets all the requirements of Cultural and Art Center but to be dedicated to water. To expose the water in different standard and interactive methods and at the same time to be made up of water - “to be water itself”.
The main purpose of the project is to give people a chance to learn about the essence of water and to respect it, because water is an integral part of our lives and for its loving and preserving we should first know it.