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Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Sports/Toys/Games
Entry Description

Kids love the Cuppi – it’s a shovel, sieve and ball in one. The Cuppi’s ergonomic form makes moving sand as easy as one, two, three, even for tiny hands. They can use the shovel to make tunnels and tracks, and then send the ball rolling across the beach or into a sand castle. A specially engineered hole in the handle let’s kids ‘write’ with water or sand –tapping into your child’s creativity in unlimited ways.

This toy is perfect for the beach, sandbox, play areas, winter snow and even the bath, and clicks together easily when it’s time to go. The Cuppi – three pieces, unlimited possibilities.

Cuppi – a combination shovel, sieve and ball
Three pieces...unlimited possibilities

- The Shovel
- Ergonomic form for easy use, even for tiny hands
- Includes a hole in the handle for water-writing fun
- The Sieve
- Includes small hole in the handle for endless sand-writing possibilities
- The Ball
- Dig tunnels or create your own track and watch the ball go (ball included)
- The Simplicity
- Clicks together easily for quick clean-up and transport
- The Possibilities
- Perfect for the beach, sandbox, play tables, snow, and even the bath