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Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Sports/Toys/Games
Entry Description

The Scoppi immediately attracts the eye with its different, iconic design. Kids love it as they use both their hands and feet to move sand around the beach with ease. It comes with a smart detachable sand sifter that will double the fun as they build forts and castles. The ergonomic foot rest helps them to push the shovel in the sand (or earth, snow!) with great ease.
When you buy your kids beach toys these days, you usually wind up with a bag full of cheap, poor quality products: their shovel snaps as they dig a moat. You can see the remnants of their toys strewn across the beach at the end of the day.
Quut toys are made based on the way kids act at the beach.
They’re cleverly designed and extremely durable. But they’re also fun to play with and look at.