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CompanyEZEQUIELFARCA architecture & design
Lead DesignersEzequiel Farca
ClientEzequiel Farca
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / New Residential Building
Entry Description

Located in the Marina of Puerto Vallarta, the House takes
advantage of a beautiful view on the Pacific bay of
The main concept of the house was to create a unique
space, which would invite the spectacular exterior
context into the house, in a relaxing environment.
Inspired from the Californian beach houses, its features
present a unique combination between a contemporary
architecture and elements from the fifties.
The house was conceived to allow family and guests to
enjoy the peaceful surroundings. It has all the amenities
allowing a great experience during a journey in Vallarta:
a fitness center, a home theater, 2 Jacuzzis, a terrace
with a swimming pool, a fire pit, a living and dining
room that opens completely on the terrace with huge bay
windows on both floors, offer the possibility to open the
whole areas and create a unique and open space. On the
outside through the curtain glass walls in the main salon,
8 bedrooms generate a strong experience of bringing
the outside in the heart of the house.

The objective of installing green walls and rooftops was
to insulate the house from heat, reducing the use of air
conditioning, they also help integrate the house with its
landscape. Because the house is located below a
multistory residential building, it was important to not
interfere with their ocean views, and give the rooftop a
nice finish.

Furniture and decoration elements were exclusively
chosen and designed for the project.
Colors and linen fabrics, bring warmth and the relaxing
ambiance to the beach house, while walnut custom
furniture add the elegance of the 50’s, emphasized by
vintage decoration elements specifically chosen.