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Nuvola di Luce

Lead DesignersMino Bressan
Prize(s)Silver in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture
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Entry Description

This design element origins from considerations on actual changes in the contemporary way of living architecture and its spaces.
From such a reflection comes the idea to create a multipurpose element that gives rise to an evolution in the concept of interiors enlightening.
The intention was to design a furniture element which was also a spot light in order to limit or even replace the common enlighten system.
Combining in one armchair comfort and the functionality, we realized a design element that creates a new light experience.
Switch it on and your room will suddenly come alive with diffused uniform light. The scenographic effect has enormous impact; the same applies to the visual sensation perceived when users sit-down cosily on this highly-unusual armchair.They will look as they are floating or hovering on a cloud of light.
Available in two versions, with or without the light fittings, this armchair is produced with a light and essential support steel structure and an elastic mesh stretched on it, which is available in three colors: white, black and natural.
Light and easy to manage, the enlighten version comes alive with integrated light from a floor-level luminous led panel (available with a choice of warm or colder light) which has been tested 200,000 times.
In other words, the incredible comfort provided by the stretched mesh and all the practical aspects derived by the light source can be enjoyed all day, every day for more than 100 years!