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Longing for Mecca - The Pilgrim's Journey

Lead DesignersKossmann.dejong
ClientKossmann .dejong
Prize(s)Gold in Other Interior Designs / Other Interior designs, Gold in Interior Design / Other
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Entry Description

Kossmann.dejong designed the exhibition Longing for Mecca – The pilgrim’s journey. For one
fourth of the world’s population, a visit to Mecca has to be made once in their
lifetime.The exhibition takes the visitor on this journey, which involved a step-by-step
introduction to the Hajj.

Every consecutive space in the exhibition represents a stage in the pilgrim’s journey, and
through the use of light, colour, pieces from the collection, film and sound evokes a
totally different atmosphere and experience. At the entrance Dutch Muslim share their
personal Hajj experiences by way of video portraits one-to-one with the audience.
Stimulated by this ‘longing for Mecca’, visitors will receive practical tips for the
preparation of the Hajj in the next room. The impressive facts and figures of the Hajj are
presented graphically. In the long corridor that follows, photographs and maps visualise
the journey, and the different routes and modes of transport pilgrims use to get to the
meeting point of Djedda.

Through the corridor, which Djedda as its final destination, visitors will reach the white
room that represents Mecca. Here the rituals that are part of the Hajj are the focus.
Visitors will find themselves surrounded by an impressive projection of masses of people,
who execute the ritual of walking around the Ka’ba seven times. The adjoining black,
serene space allows the visitors to really experience ‘the feeling of Mecca’. Using
authentic pieces of cloth, an impression of the Ka’ba is realised. The subsequent bright
room is dedicated to a visit to Medina. The last stage of the pilgrimage is all about the
collection of souvenirs, represented in the exhibition as a colourful bazar, where
personal Hajj memorabilia of Muslims have found a place.

The exhibition was previously on show at the British Museum, but is redesigned for a Dutch


Kossmanndejong is an Amsterdam-based design studio specialised in exhibition design and interior architecture. With 25 years of experience, our portfolio includes over 80 projects worldwide, ranging from temporary and permanent exhibitions for museums to visitor centers, historic sites, brand experiences and engaging interiors. Through a combination of different media and collaboration across disciplines, we aim to design meaningful, narrative spaces that inspire visitors, appeal emotionally and provide lasting experiences.

Awards and Prize

- Council of Europe Museum Prize 2019 for Museum fur Kommunikation Bern
- European Design award 2019 for FAKE. The Whole Truth
- Grand Prix 2019 for National Maritime Museum of Iceland
- Museums + Heritage Award 2018
- Interior Design Firm of the Year 2017 from the American Architecture Prize
- Project of Influence 2017 for Micropia
- European Design Award 2017 for Offshore Experience
- Kenneth Hudson Award 2016 for Micropia
- Themed Entertainment Award for Outstanding Achievement 2014 for Wonderkamers
- SEGD Global Design Award 2014 for Longing for Mecca
- several International Design & Communication Awards