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CompanyDerin Design
Lead Designers
ClientAziz Sarıyer
Prize(s)Gold in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture
Entry Description

Making itself different from conventional armchairs and
chaise-lounges on the strength of its function, Dolphin
satisfies these two basic product functions in a body. Thanks
to Dolphin designed in a way to both stay at a desired angle
and balance and to swing, you can read book-magazine,
have a rest and enjoy a nice time. Creating a joyful living
area on the strength of its characteristic line, Dolphin also
offers a variety of different colour and material alternatives
which dimension product form for users that wish to render
their life more colorful. Manufactured through entire
upholstery onto polyurethane body in line with indoor use,
Dolphin is manufactured out of polypropylene material for
outdoor uses.