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Chinese International School

CompanyCL3 Architects Limited / openUU Limited
Lead Designers
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Institutional
Entry Description

This project is the refurbishment of the 29 years old School Cafeteria at Chinese International School. As the school evolves the cafeteria was no longer able to handle the current student body and activities. The design team and the school directors envisioned an environment that promotes a culture of good interaction and well-being amongst students. Already at its maximum capacity, the previously congested cafeteria is now considerably de-cluttered and open. The palette of concrete, steel, and wood finishes characterize a material honesty with an Asian touch. Existing ceiling panels and partitions were removed to bring in more sunlight and give a larger sense of space. Newly organized elements of the cafeteria (e.g. serving stations, cashier stands, folding wall) not only efficiently channel the student traffic but with the new flexible design can also accommodate a wider range of functions and age groups; self-serve meals for primary and secondary school students, served meals for the infant division at staggered time, staff meetings, PTA meetings, dance parties, film screening and other school events can take place in the newfound venue. With more all-around breathing room and improved circulation, the cafeteria now operates as a communal space that is no longer limited to one purpose. This project is fulfilled with the belief that good, well-thought-out design has the real potential in introducing good behavior and a healthier lifestyle to students.