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Door Handle Charger

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Entry Description

Concept :
A door handle is inspiration for this mobile - phone Charger, Cradle and Speaker. Opening and closing movement of a door handle is applied. It saves electricity with easy on / off, and after charging the battery, it turns to off mode automatically preventing an unnecessary loss of energy.

Background :
We think the consumption of electricity stops when we turn it off but it is continuously consumed as long as we don't unplug it because of standby power.

What is Standby Power?
It is electricity which runs into appliances while they are idle but plugged. It is small but it is continuously consumed.
It covers 11% of a home’s entire electricity consumption.
It is equivalent to the amount of electricity produced by one nuclear power plant in Korea. If it is not consumed, each home can save 306kWh per year which costs 36,700 won (KRW. Korean Money). The average monthly fee and the cost-saving will add up to 600 billion won (KRW) per year.

According to development of multimedia devices such as the tablet PC, docking speaker, MP3, and smart phone, there will be more devices which will consume standby power from batteries.
Users don't unplug them immediately after completion of charging the multimedia devices. They also keep the battery chargers plugged in after completion of charging while they are sleeping. In most cases, the battery chargers and adaptors are kept plugged in after completion of charging since users just unplug devices from the chargers and adaptors.

How to Use Charger : ON
It saves electricity with the easy on / off.

How to Use Charger : OFF
Switches to off mode automatically preventing unnecessary loss of energy.

Cradle and Speaker Use :
The speaker part with cradle function swivels 90 degrees and conveniently works in any outlets such as built-in type or power bar type.