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Samitaur Tower

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Prize(s)Gold in Architecture Categories / New Commercial Building
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Entry Description

Samitaur Tower is an information tower, constructed at the corner of Hayden Avenue and National Boulevard leading into the Hayden Tract of Culver City.

Conceptually, the tower has both introverted and extroverted planning objectives. Internal to the burgeoning site area of new media companies, graphic designers, and general office tenants, the tower will symbolize the advent of this important new urban development, provide a changing art display for local viewing, and offer a variety of graphic content and data on its five screens concerning coming events and current achievements of the tenants who occupy that part of the city.

Externally, the tower displays culturally significant content and local event information, along with art and graphic presentations of all sorts available to audiences who pass the site area, traveling on a number of local thoroughfares in the Culver City-West Los Angeles area.

In addition to the large number of cars passing the site, the new Expo light rail line, passes by the Hayden-National corner, with two local stops several blocks east and west of the site. The presence of the train riders guarantees an enormous daily audience, as well as an increase in pedestrians in the area, who will walk past the Tower from the train stops to local businesses.

The tower consists of five circular steel rings, approximately 30 feet in diameter. As the height increases, the rings are staggered in plan, back and forth – to the north, east, south, and west – in order to establish proximity and viewing angles for various levels at various heights. Projection screens at each floor are to be seen from cars on surrounding surface streets, from freeways, by passengers at train stops, from on-board the moving trains, and from area pedestrians at a variety of key walking and viewing points.