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Prize(s)Gold in Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Alternative Energy Source Equipment
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To reduce the Carbon-Dioxide emissions and speed up nuclear phase-out, the production and distribution of renewable energy is becoming increasingly important.
IAT21 a private owned research company which developed the most innovative aerial vehicle "D-Dalus" also invented a completely new form of wind and water turbines. At the heart of "D-Dalus" aircraft propulsion system lies a "cyclogyro" rotor assembly that converts power from a conventional motor into a forced airflow across aerodynamic blades. The reverse can be achieved. A modified rotor assembly can be used to capture wind energy or water energy and convert this into electricity.
This technology is high efficient for wind- and water turbines even at extreme flow speeds and also preserves the environment. Those turbines will be commercialized in future from a new founded daughter company of IAT21.
An outside covering like a spoiler on both sides and on top side increases the flow speed around the turbine approximately by the factor 1.5
To extend the range of exploitable water flow speeds the special designed "splitted" airfoil combines a "high drag airfoil" in case of low water-flow speeds and a "high lift airfoil" in case of higher water-flow speeds
It is floatable and can be transported by a boat in tow
It needs less infrastructure
It can be simple installed locally and immediately used for disaster control, civil protection and emergency
It does not cause injury because of an integrated safety enclosure