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Folder & Holder

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Gold in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
Entry Description

Concept :
Design a new charger with folding cover for simple wiring and a holder to reduce the intertwining of wires during use, storing, and relocation as well as to enhance the design.

Problem :
1. Ugly shape of wiring of the battery chargers.
2. Intertwining of wiring of earphones and a charger for use, storing, and relocation of the charger.
3. Holding problem of mobile phones while charging with existing battery chargers.

Solution :
1. Fold Open : The folding cover of the new charger provides a holding function by opening it during charging thus you don't need to place your mobile phone on the floor and it prevents the intertwining of wiring.
2. Fold Close : After completion of charging, a user winds the wires on the charger and closes the cover to reduce the intertwining of wiring, which occurs during storage and travel.
3. Enhanced shape by covering the ugly wiring.