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747 Wing House

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Gold in Architecture Categories / New Residential Building
Entry Description

The 747 Wing house is a unique residential home built in Malibu, Ca from the recycled wings of a Boeing 747-200. The Main Residence uses both of the main wings as well as the 2 stabilizers from the tail section as a roof for the Master Bedroom. In researching airplane wings and superimposing different airplane wing types on the site to scale, the wing of a 747, at over 2,500 sq. ft., became an ideal configuration to maximize the views and provide a self supporting roof with minimal additional structural support needed. The wing structures are positioned floating on top of simple concrete walls that are cut into the hillsides. The floating roofs will derive simple support from steel brace frames, which will attach to strategic mounting points on the wing where the engines were previously mounted. Frameless, structural self-supporting glass will create the enclosure from the concrete slab on grade into the wing as roof. The house features a extensive solar electric and thermal system that powers all heating and electrical needs for the home.