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Office Space of Paul Liu Design Consultants Ltd

CompanyPaul Liu Design Consultants Ltd.
Lead Designers
Prize(s)Gold in Interior Design / Office
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The Dwelling of Heart and the Source of Inspiration
——PLD’s Self-designed Office Space
As the quite creative and sensitive office building of a design firm, it must be a very special place in everyone’s eyes. Indeed, Interior designers stay there for most of the time everyday and create the most innovative and luxurious five-star hotels in the world. And every original project is filled with the collision between sweats and inspirations.
The office space of Paul Liu Design Consultants Ltd(PLD) is more like a sweet home. The lively rest space near the comfortable bar area beats the serious and stereotyped impression of traditional offices. Every designer here has an ample space. The use of original material and decoration of natural elements make everyone devote themselves to design every project in this relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, and so there naturally and easily comes every inspiration. Some has said that the cohesion of the enterprise is based on profits. But PLD’s self-designed space displays out the intense humanistic concern and elegant temperaments, which make people can’t stop expressing the thought that the true cohesion of the enterprise is way beyond profits, and it’s the power of heart, the collection of goodwill, and harmony and care.


Since the establishment of 1996 by Mr. Paul Liu, PLD has been recognized as a trusted name in the delivery of unparalleled quality service to the interior design industry. The company’s professional services categories range from commercial, high-end international hotel to customized residential dwellings. With more than 26 years’ of design experiences, PLD has great award-winning experiences, such as “Amercan Hospitality Design Award” “London Design Awards” “International Design Awards” “IDA*APDC Excellence Design Awards” “A+D Trophy Awards” “Top 10 China Hotel Design Institute” “Idea-Tops In

Awards and Prize

IDA, Hospitality Design Award, London design Award, A&D Trophy Award, IDA*APDC, GPDP AWARD