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Jiangyin Capital Villas Sales & Marketing Centre

CompanyA Design Concept
Lead Designers
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Other
Entry Description

A multi-phase residential/commercial development of over 20 blocks of condominium, 100 garden villas, shopping centre, and a 5 star resort hotel with individual club house facilities just reside on the water town area of China, Jiangyin. Your eyes will be caught by a huge golden drop ceiling feature once enter into the sales and marketing office. The water drop is formed by thousands of small glass drop which symbolized a new dynamic social living. All curved lines appear on the space is to imitate motion of water and nature in a modern approach which enhanced by layers of recessed lighting. Concept of boat shape display modular come from the scene on river side and it is also to apply on all individual function areas as riverside villas. Two water features on south side is a fung shui requirement but also shows the ‘water’ theme from hearing. Color scheme is gold and yellow as “rising sun in morning”.