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The Oracle (China) Software Systems Co. Ltd Office

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Gold in Other Architectural Designs / Other Architectural designs
Entry Description

Oracle (China) Software Systems Co., Ltd. is spilted into 2 buildings and is sandwiched with a courtyard. The whole outlook gives a slimmer and elegant appearance. The 2 buildings are located at the centre of the site surrounded by greenery with day lighting diffuse into the interior.

The building with its curtain glass treatment aims to take full advantage of the nice views of the natural environment surrounding the site. Perfectly mirrored, the two structures are connected in the middle by an outdoor Corridor Spine and a Courtyard Garden which act as the main pedestrian thoroughfare. The overall architectural discourse borrows from classical colonnades which are expressed in contemporary terms. The double-glazed glass curtain wall and the white aluminum-clad exterior reflect the characteristics of Oracle, a high-tech company rich in tradition, yet contemporary and practical in its image.

The 3 storeys are connected by an airy atrium cladded with aluminium panels. An internal staircase connects each floor which becomes a signify icon in the atrium. The whole atrium delivers a contemporary and chic image with recess lighting and beige color floor tiles.