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Ericsson Office

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

1. Beijing Ericsson Headquarter Office design adopts a multiflex working system where there is no fixed working place, all the staff will be in mobile seating. The spatial efficiency under this arrangement can increase up to 200% (that is double the existing office space).
2. Multiplicities of spatial structures include individual, group, and open-scheme office and multi-purpose areas to work together in a variety of methods and in flexible configurations. Colors are employed to project a vivid ambience in the workspace, in which vibrant, warm tone colors such as orange, yellow, and lime to enhance the spatial quality and create a high-energy feel. Other than these bright colors, the overall office is composed of a neutral tone of monochrome (white wall and grey carpet).
3. Meeting hub and business lounge are the central core area where people can meet, chat and encourage having social integration among the staff. Short, spontaneous meetings among colleagues can be held here, which provides a relaxed and inviting environment. There are sofa, bench, bar table, team tables in meeting hub and business lounge which provide different seating/working environment for various needs.