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Lead Designers
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Books
Entry Description

Ho Wing To has previously worked on a series of novel covers which successfully help established a local writer’s image in HongKong market. So the local publisher of Otsuichi, a renowned Japanese writer famous of his gothic and delicate style of writing detective stories, invited Ho to work on GOTH’s cover. The core story of GOTH called “ Wristcut”, Ho found that the cutted-wrists are the tools which let Otsuichi’s imagination flies, therefore, Ho uses quite a number of cutted-wrists to form the shape of a wing, among which there are hairy lines to link them up just like those cutted-wrists cases in the story which lead readers to unveil the main story. Ho’s concept is so concrete and direct yet his presentation is graphically beautiful and decent. This cover received great complement from publisher and the author himself. “This cover design is even better than our original design in Japan” said Otsuichi.