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Club Musée

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Interior Design / Commercial
Entry Description

The brief was to create a new club and multi-use space for the competitive nights of Madrid with an international and powerful identity.

Parolio created the concept, branding identity and interior design for the project by merging the added cultural value of an art gallery with the exiting and colourful universe of the club scene.
The result is a stimulating mix of streamline interior design, dramatic colour structures and art.

All the original furniture design by Parolio has been treated as sculptures with the use of multiple fabrics creating a “colour block effect” patchwork sculptural effect,

In the VIP room the sofas are a continuation of the photographs that form a dramatic back drop. All columns and walls are covered in black glass with geometric shapes.

Photography, video installations, and illustration by the designer and renown artists such as Paco Peregrín, Robert Bartholot and Glenn Hillario are on display in the club making it a complete cultural experience.

On the dance floor a floating dj table is completed by an installation of Acqualed tubes three meters wide and a geometric lamp on the ceiling.

The club has become since its opening, the place to be in the Madrid night scene and a popular venue for cultural and fashion events.