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Vantone Office

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

Vantone Office consists of 2 floors of office. The lower floor comprises of the reception, conference rooms, open office and manager's office areas while the upper floor consists of director offices with dining area, study room, finance room, and other senior office spaces.

The atrium is connected by a cylinder form conference rooms surrounded by a staircase. This lantern look object acts as the only vertical element in the atrium with all lighting and spaces radiating from this, delivering a dynamic and spatial and vision quality.

The main colours selected are in white, grey and charcoal which are neutral palette to deliver a professional feeling. The overall style is simple, modern and comfortable.

The Chinese character is enhanced by selecting slogan and represented in traditional Chinese calligraphy. This accentuate a more artistic and cultural feeling to all visitors.