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Taylor's University - Phase 2

CompanySanta Fe Interior Architecture Sdn Bhd
Lead Designers
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Institutional
Entry Description

Our client, Taylor’s Education Group, who holds vision to collaborate student functions, social gathering, servicing and of course the life style amenities, -Student Lounge, Games Activities, Counselling, Clinic, Library, Theatre, Music Room, Gym, Art, Swimming Pool, Bank, Retails . We are proud to call LIFE STYLE CAMPUS.

As nowadays, an institution was no longer a place terms as serious setting but a place we want it for fun collaboration learning. We have lifted Dynamic& Communicative concept for the entire campus.

We gathered that learning place take places at everywhere, every places and every corners and no longer confined at the four walls square classroom. The flexibility of layout plans has been successfully carried out which are convertible to the learning spaces. Such as classes at restaurants, Library or Games room which are designed in duo functions. Our challenge is to transform classroom with decent operating restaurant also accommodative to any education need. Wine display backdrop dish up as education platform. Spaces are equipped with duo type lighting meant for studying yet creating right ambience.

While designing a campus housed for at least 10,000 students crowd, biggest challenge is design shall be robust to stand for usage and yet affordable for 800,000 Sqft areas. The design detailing, material and furniture are carefully introduced within the laid back maintenance and rendered in dynamic and flexible manner.

The notion of intentional learners within seamless learning interaction environment, we create community within. Each division represents its own colour of its identity, creating interesting combination. We try to keep in communicative and friendly in our design also for 500pax Academy Offices, 7 Division and Admin Offices.

Lively yet communicative, the idea is to give students not only a basic learning hub but also an endless exploration & searching. It is simply a LIFE STYLE CAMPUS.