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Xiamen Cardiovascular Hospital Xiamen University

CompanyFancy Design
Lead DesignersGuoxi Fang
Design TeamQiyou Chen, Xuanzheng Shi, Zhiyan Su, Yutian Peng, Yajuan Zhang, Yi Wang, Wenjuan Xie, Hua Huang, Rongsi Huang, Jinxue Zheng
Project Location2999 Jinshan Road, Huli District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China
CreditsPhoto by: Weiren Huang
Prize(s)Silver in Healthcare Interior Design / Hospitals
Entry Description

The Phase II project for the Xiamen Cardiovascular Hospital Xiamen University (XMCH)comprises an innovation building and an inpatient building. Regarding interior design, the project considers the discipline background and future growth of XMCH. It is characterized by the overall texture of the architectural space, combining hospital culture with the essence of green ecology. Utilizing modern design languages, it aims to create a distinctive medical space that embodies technological, environmental, and humanistic attributes from various perspectives and dimensions.