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Model 34

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Accessory / Eyewear
Entry Description

The frames are made in un-laminated natural horn. Natural horn is one of the most exclusive materials available for eyeglasses. Horn is not only a highly resistant material; it is also a beautiful and vibrant natural product with characteristic color nuances that differentiate genuine horn from any other man made materials. These features make each and every single piece of product as unique as you are. Horn ages with style, acquiring a signature patina that adds depth and character.
For the model 34, the attention is focused at elegance, simplicity, low weight and comfort for the wearer.
The unique design of the model 34 enabled to keep robust design at minimum weight.
At Smith & Norbu, we predominantly select the horn of the yak from the Tibetan plateau. Yaks are domesticated animals in Asia and are widely used in agriculture. They do not fall into the category of protected or endangered species. Horn processing respects the environment and therefore complies with the most stringent ECO standards. It is also an anti-allergic product.
This unique style is convenient and comfortable for everyday use.
The Model 34 frames are available in 5 different colors.