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Anchen Hotel

CompanyHangzhou Donghao Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd.
Lead DesignersFang Fang
Design TeamYi Zonghui
Project LocationShaoxing, Zhejiang
ClientShaoxing Keqiao Ziyi Anchen Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
CreditsHanmo Visual - Adiao
Prize(s)Silver in Lighting Architecture Designs / Internal Lighting
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Entry Description

The project is located in Shaoxing's Keqiao Ancient Town. The renovation began with the street-facing interface. One side of the building is covered with a metal mesh, creating a semi-transparent structure that corresponds with horizontal line light strips.

In terms of interior design, the ceiling features metallic materials to create a subdued yet luxurious atmosphere. Soft lighting lends a cinematic feel to the restaurant. The ground floor lobby and restaurant feature an orange-red ceiling, with reception desk LED lighting showcasing a youthful, trendy brand culture.