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Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Nansha

CompanyPLD/ Paul Liu Design Consutants Co., Ltd
Lead DesignersBo Liu
Project LocationNansha, Guangzhou, China
ClientChina Jinmao
Prize(s)Bronze in Hospitality Interior Design / Hotels
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Entry Description

Situated by the Guangzhou's Nansha Jinmao River, Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Nansha enjoys splendid waterfront scenery, featuring 265 residential-style spacious guestrooms comprising warm and neutral tones. Drawing inspiration from Nansha's distinctive marine tradition, wetland, and forest ecosystems, the hotel is designed as an elegant space characterized by local culture and international elements.The design language of Chinese Restaurant extracts from Cantonese Opera originating in Guangzhou to give a sense of locality to the Chinese Restaurant in the hotel.


Since the establishment of 1996 by Mr. Paul Liu, PLD has been recognized as a trusted name in the delivery of unparalleled quality service to the interior design industry. The company’s professional services categories range from commercial, high-end international hotel to customized residential dwellings. With more than 26 years’ of design experiences, PLD has great award-winning experiences, such as “Amercan Hospitality Design Award” “London Design Awards” “International Design Awards” “IDA*APDC Excellence Design Awards” “A+D Trophy Awards” “Top 10 China Hotel Design Institute” “Idea-Tops In

Awards and Prize

IDA, Hospitality Design Award, London design Award, A&D Trophy Award, IDA*APDC, GPDP AWARD