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NEOBIO Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

CompanyHangzhou Donghao Lighting Engineering Co.
Lead DesignersFang Fang
Design TeamShi Hongcong, Yi Zonghui, Li Wei
Project LocationShanghai
ClientShanghai NEOBIO Enterprise Management Co.
CreditsPhotoby: Wang Dachou
Prize(s)Silver in Lighting Architecture Designs / Internal Lighting
Entry Description

NEOBIO Science and Technology Museum (Shanghai Pavilion) is a diversified children's playground. We firstly set the color temperature at 4000K, which is in line with the overall simple and bright decoration style, and secondly we set the overall illumination at a high level, and most of the areas have a relatively uniform light distribution, which not only can ensure the safety of children playing, but also can make them have a more excited state. In some special areas we also have different arrangements, the second floor multifunctional dining area, we divided the lamps into multiple circuits