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CompanyNima Bavardi & Mohammad Mahdi Najafi
Lead DesignersMohammad Mahdi Najafi, Nima Bavardi
Prize(s)Silver in Children Products / Baby & Children Products
Entry Description

The Medifier is a smart medical pacifier that helps parents give their babies medicine with an accurate dose at a specific date and time without causing gastroesophageal reflux. Each tank is schedulable via an application. Also, It has a temperature sensor and gives a complete reports for monitoring. To fill the device with prescribed medication, connect the tank to the embedded tube and fill the tank like a dropper. The application will then adjust the medication dosage and time based on the doctor’s prescription or the baby’s age and weight, notify the parents via their phones.


Nima Bavardi was born in Tabriz,Iran. He grew up in a family with distinct taste in art.He has a passion for designing products which people use in daily life. He believes a good design should be easy to interact with and easy to understand to be loved. He considers the emotional connection between the product and its user, a key factor which followed by aesthetics, ergonomics, usability and functionality defines a good design. This is the perspective which forms his manifest as an industrial designer.

Awards and Prize

A'Design Award, The LIT Award, The Asia Prize, IDA, European Product Design Award, The GIT, Azerbaijan Design Award, The Architecture Masterprize, IDIRAN, London International Creative Competition (LICC), The Loop Design Award.